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Prevention is 100% better than cure. Trust us.

We ensure your plumbing and heating is:

Designed perfectlyInstalled professionallyProtected permanently

Let’s guarantee you get it right from the start.

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With Solitaire, you are never alone.

A big thank you from me and my husband. We are very happy with Solitaire’s service and the good will they showed. We definitely recommend them.
Mrs Richards, Colchester

Designed perfectly

We freely meet with you taking time and care to understand your needs and requirements.

  • Whether it’s simply a matter of replacing a tap or radiator

  • Whether it’s a boiler upgrade or a complete overhaul of your heating system

  • Whether it’s a full heating and hot water systems installation

  • Or any other of your plumbing and heating concerns

Get provided with the perfect long term solution

Installed professionally

and guaranteed

  • Whether it’s a tap or radiator, a boiler upgrade or complete overhaul. Whether it’s a full heating and hot water systems installation…

  • Once you’re 100% happy with the design and plan, we organise our fully qualified, highly skilled and experienced plumbers to undertake the installation

  • At a time that causes the least disruption to you and your home

Get provided with the perfect long term solution
Thank you so much for your hard work. Our radiators look beautiful and our pipe work beams with pride! We thank you also for your calm approach and reassuring nature and your willingness to explain things to us. Thanks again.
Mr and Mrs R Dennehy, Billericay

Protected permanently

It actually pays to take care of your plumbing

A dripping tap is a nuisance… and annoying. A blocked drain is an inconvenience… and messy. But a burst pipe is a catastrophe… and will cost you a fortune!

Maintaining your plumbing and heating is the only way to guarantee its efficiency. It’s also the best way to keep you healthy and safe. So, avoid worry and stress and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

It makes financial sense to protect your plumbing and heating. Routine maintenance and servicing is essential… And not just the major appliances (e.g. your boiler), but items like the ballcock (in your water tank). That’s because the hard water in Essex and Suffolk causes nasty limescale and corrosion.

Get the perfect long term solution

Essential facts you need to know about your plumbing and heating system

  • It’s the most important part of your home, because water = life!

  • It works out at 15% of the value of your home

  • Nothing in your home is used more often

  • Limescale and hard water can cause expensive problems especially in Essex and Suffolk

  • Air getting into an ageing system causes radiators to rust on the inside, eventually to spring a leak

  • A neglected boiler could go wrong at any time with disastrous consequences

  • Your family’s health depends on the clean water delivered by your plumbing system

Given the facts, getting a FREE diagnosis for your plumbing and heating system could be the most important decision you make regarding the health, safety and comfort of your family.

Make emergencies a thing of the past

P.S. Having said that we don’t do emergency plumbing, in the unlikelihood of you having an emergency, we’ll always be there to sort it out.

They came out on Christmas Eve! Though they couldn’t fix on the day, they did lend us four fan heaters and wired up our hot water tank heater to get us through Christmas. Can’t recommend them enough!
Mr and Mrs M Williams, Billericay