A bit about Solitaire Plumbing and Heating

From its founder, Paul Corrigan.

Perfect design, professional installation and preventative maintenance…

That’s what Solitaire is about

Believe it or not, the World Health Organization has declared that plumbers are the most important frontline health workers around the globe.

So what makes plumbing the most important frontline profession in the world?

In a nutshell, plumbers collect, transport and distribute water… and water equals life. Plus, plumbing has to remove liquid and human waste.

From school, I went to college and qualified as a plumber, serving my apprenticeship in my late teens and early twenties. Over time I learned my trade and collected qualifications working for Baxi, Glow-worm and Vaillant. Eventually, I took the plunge (forgive the pun) to set up Solitaire Plumbing and Heating, gathering together a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals, able to carry out services, installations and breakdowns on all heating and plumbing systems.

Even though Solitaire has grown, at no time had I thought of it as being of such importance on a global scale as declared by the World Health Organization.

That is until recently.

Solitaire has serviced, supplied and installed hundreds of systems and appliances. I have become increasingly aware that hardly anyone gives thought to the most important part of their home, their plumbing and heating systems… until it goes wrong.

Most of us have our boilers serviced. A minority of us have boiler, plumbing and heating emergency insurance cover. But hardly anyone has routine maintenance on their entire plumbing and heating system. Which, when you think about it, is like having the engine of your car serviced regularly. But not bothering with your brakes, steering and tyres… a crash waiting to happen.

In fact, as a plumber, I do service every aspect of our plumbing and heating from top to bottom on a routine basis twice a year. From making sure the main stopcock isn’t sticking to keeping the sink waste clear of congealed fat, oil and grease. To fully checking over the boiler… electrics, water, gas, joints, fixings and connections. And where I find something is not in first class working order, I put it right before it becomes a problem.

And guess what? Because I routinely check everything from top to bottom, we don’t have any plumbing and heating breakdowns or emergencies.

This got me thinking.

What if I wasn’t a plumber? I’d need a plumber to do the job for me. So I went online. I couldn’t find any plumber who advertises routine household plumbing and heating maintenance from the point of prevention rather than cure.

Boiler servicing and safety check, yes. Emergency call out, yes. Responding to burst pipes or overflowing sinks, yes. Or any other plumbing emergencies, yes. Full routine household plumbing and heating maintenance, no.

This didn’t seem right.


So Solitaire has set out to put full household plumbing and heating maintenance on equal footing with our design, planning and installation services. On the grounds that if you are provided with a little preventive maintenance it will eliminate the need for you to have major repairs later. In other words… shutting the stable door before the horse has bolted… prevention being better than cure. A lot less annoying. A lot less inconvenient and messy…

And above all, a lot less expensive.