Looking after the efficiency of your boiler has never been more important!

With the current continuous high rise of energy bills looking after the efficiency of your boiler has never been more important. Here at Solitaire our team are committed to ensuring your boilers are running cost effectively, to help save you money where it’s needed most.

We have compiled a few handy top tips to support our customers and ensure your boiler is in tip top condition and peace of mind you are heating your home with maximum capability.

Under pressure

The pressure of your boiler can have a big impact on how it performs and heats your home.

If your boiler pressure is too low this means it has to work harder and is less effective. Check your boilers built in pressure gage, if the pressure is too low this can be adjusted using the manufactures instructions by re-pressuring the system if you feel confident enough to do so, however a professional qualified heating engineer will always be able to check your boiler to ensure there are no leaks or long term issues if this becomes a reoccurring event.

Time for a service

We service our cars on a regular basis to ensure they are safe and cost effective so why not our boilers?

According to a Which 2021 boiler reliability survey, out of 8,000 boiler owners, seven out of 10 found appliances that had been serviced annually had never needed a repair. A 12 month check up with a qualified heating engineer can be a great idea to ensure your boiler is working at its best and any warning signs or slight wear and tear can be picked up at the early stages and easily fixed before it becomes beyond repair.

Its the little things

Regular maintenance on you boiler might not sound the most exciting of household tasks but it really can help you take control to monitor exactly how your boiler is performing and give you the confidence that you are maximising its potential.

Bleeding radiators can ensure high pressure doesn’t build and reducing any air trapped in your heating system. This can be an easy task to undertake and make a huge difference on the warmth your heating is providing. Other small tasks such as regularly checking your boiler clock is showing the correct time, cleaning the exterior of your boiler and keeping a close eye on your meter readings will all help you take control of knowing how well your boiler is performing and managing your energy usage within your home.

Of course sometimes boilers really can be beyond repair and although this may seem like an expensive and bothersome purchase it is an integral part and a key component to all our homes. A cost effective reliable boiler really will make the world of difference on how you heat your home. We hope our top tips will help you manage your energy bills within this current climate but if you have any concerns regarding your boiler and heating facilities please contact us and one of our many qualified heating engineers will be more than happy to help.

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